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The UBC Election Stock Market is closed permanently and has been superseded by the Sauder School of Business Prediction Markets, which will be launched on Friday, February 1, 2013. Please take note of the new web address: predictionmarkets.ca. A press release will be forthcoming when the new market opens.

The UBC Election Stock Market was a financial market in which the ultimate values of the contracts being traded were based on the outcome of provincial or federal elections in Canada. Participants invested their own funds, bought and sold listed contracts, earned profits and bore the risk of losing money.
           The ESM was operated as a not-for-profit venture. The method of issuing contracts and making final payoffs on these contracts ensured that the ESM did not realize financial profits or suffered losses. No commissions or transactions fees were charged. The exclusive purposes for conducting this market were teaching and research. Through the ESM, participants learned first-hand about the operation of a financial market and, because they had an added incentive to do so, they often became better informed about not only the current election but also the election process itself. As a research project, the ESM generated valuable data that provided insights into market and trader behaviour. Participation in the ESM was open to all Canadian residents who are at least 19 years of age.
Prof. Thomas Ross, Ph.D.
Prof. Werner Antweiler, Ph.D.

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