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British Columbia Provincial Election 2001
This market is closed.
The 2001 UBC/National Post Election Stock Market is a financial market in which the ultimate values of the contracts being traded are based on the outcome of the next British Columbia Election to the Provincial Parliament in Victoria on Wednesday, May 16, 2001. For details regarding the contracts being traded consult the information in the trader's manual. appear below on this page.
Contract Party Market
May 15
       Seats Market
BC01.S.LIB B.C. Liberal Party 94.5 75 76
BC01.S.NDP New Democratic Party 4.0 3 3
BC01.S.BCR B.C. Reform Party 0.1 0 0
BC01.S.OTR Other Parties 2.6 2 0
       Popular Vote Market
BC01.P.LIB B.C. Liberal Party 60.5   57.5
BC01.P.NDP New Democratic Party 17.3   21.6
BC01.P.BCR B.C. Reform Party 1.2   0.2
BC01.P.BCG B.C. Green Party 11.7   12.4
BC01.P.OTR Other Parties 7.5   8.3
       Majority Government Market
BC01.M.LIB Liberal Majority 99.9   100.0
BC01.M.NDP NDP Majority 0.1   0.0
BC01.M.OTR All other Outcomes 0.2   0.0

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Market Activity (for visitors and traders)
See our markets in action: tables and charts of the seats market, popular vote market, and majority government market. We also provide a spreadsheet file with volume-weighted average prices to journalists and researchers.

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