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British Columbia Provincial Election 2005
Market Liquidation Values

The liquidation values are based on the final count results published by B.C. Elections. For details please refer to the 2005 General Election Final Count Results and the Final Count Referendum Results. Rounding of liquidation values are to the nearest 1/10th of a cent, ensuring that the total adds up to 100.0 cents precisely. Please refer to the trader's manual for details.

Popular Vote Market
Description Contract Vote Share Liquidation Value
B.C. Liberals BC05.P.LIB 45.80 %  45.8 ¢ 
B.C. NDP BC05.P.NDP 41.52 %  41.5 ¢ 
B.C. Green Party BC05.P.GRP 9.18 %  9.2 ¢ 
All Other Parties BC05.P.OTR 3.50 %  3.5 ¢ 
Seats Market
Description Contract Seats Liquidation Value
B.C. Liberals BC05.S.LIB 46  58.2 ¢ 
B.C. NDP BC05.S.NDP 33  41.8 ¢ 
All Other Parties BC05.S.NDP 0.0 ¢ 
Majority Government Market
Description Contract Liquidation Value
Liberal Majority BC05.M.LIB 100.0 ¢ 
NDP Majority BC05.M.NDP 0.0 ¢ 
Any Other Outcome BC05.M.OTR 0.0 ¢ 
Electoral Reform Referendum Market
Description Contract Liquidation Value
Referendum Passes BC05.R.YES 0.0 ¢ 
Referendum Fails BC05.R.NO 100.0 ¢ 

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