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Canadian Federal Election 2000
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The 2000 UBC/National Post Election Stock Market is a financial market in which the ultimate values of the contracts being traded are based on the outcome of the 2000 elections to the Canadian Federal Parliament in Ottawa to be held on Monday November 27. For details regarding the contracts being traded consult the information in the trader's manual (click on the appropriate button).

Contract Party Market
Nov 26
       Seats Market
CA01.S.LIB Liberal Party 51.0 154 172
CA01.S.CAL Canadian Alliance 22.8 69 66
CA01.S.BLQ Bloc Quebecois 15.2 46 38
CA01.S.NDP New Democratic Party 4.0 12 13
CA01.S.PCP Progr. Conservative Party 4.7 14 12
CA01.S.OTR Other Parties 0.3 1 0
       Popular Vote Market
CA01.P.LIB Liberal Party 39.3   40.8
CA01.P.CAL Canadian Alliance 27.2   25.5
CA01.P.BLQ Bloc Quebecois 10.1   10.7
CA01.P.NDP New Democratic Party 8.9   8.5
CA01.P.PCP Progr. Conservative Party 12.2   12.2
CA01.P.OTR Other Parties 2.0   2.3
       Majority Government Market
CA01.M.LIB Liberal Majority 66.1   100.0
CA01.M.CAL Alliance Majority 1.6   0.0
CA01.M.OTR All other Outcomes 32.8   0.0

Note the corrected seats number for LIB and BLQ.

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Market Activity (for visitors and traders)
See our markets in action: quick overview of current market prices or detailed tables and charts of the seats market, popular vote market, and majority government market. We also provide a spreadsheet file with volume-weighted average prices to journalists and researchers.

See what the pollsters predict for the election outcome.

Links to other important web sites: Governments, Elections Canada, news media, pollsters, and more.

UBC/NP ESM Bulletin Board
This bulletin board is intended for traders to exchange information and opinions about the Election Stock Market. You can read and post messages on this bulletin board via e-mail. Clicking on the link will launch your newsgroup reader (built into Netscape Communicator and MS Internet Explorer) and point it to the right newsgroup location.

1997 Election Results
See the results from the 1997 federal election, riding by riding.

Election Forecasting
Use our on-line election forecaster to translate predicted voter migration flows into seats in House of Commons. Also see our new voter migration model for the next federal election to be held some time before 2005.

Check here after the markets have closed for information on the liquidation of the CA01 market. Liquidation takes place as soon as we receive official election results.

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