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The 1997 UBC Election Stock Market is a financial market in which the ultimate values of the contracts being traded are based on the outcome of the 1997 Federal Canadian election to the House of Commons. The markets were open from Monday April 28, 1997, and were closed at 23:45 on June 1, 1997. For details regarding the contracts being traded and for current market quotes, consult the information in the trader's manual.
Prices and Charts
See the prices at the time when our markets were closed and see the price movements during the operation of our UBC-ESM.

Results & Liquidation
Obtain information on the payouts and acount liquidation.

Trader's Manual
Our Trader's Manual contains detailed information on the operation of the UBC-ESM, how to buy and sell contracts, how to log in and log out from the market, and how to check your account.

Frequently Asked Questions
Quick answers for our traders.

Investor Statistics
Information on the number of trader, how often they traded, and how much money they invested.

See what the pollster predict for the election outcome.

Election Forecasting
Use our on-line election forecaster to translate predicted voter migration flows into seats in parliament.

Links to political parties, pollsters, news organizations, and more.

Election Results
We provide the detailed results of the election, riding by riding.
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