Saskatchewan Provincial Election Forecaster
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Saskatchewan 2007 Provincial Election Forecaster

developed by Werner Antweiler

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1999 Saskatchewan Provincial Election Forecaster
2003 Saskatchewan Provincial Election Forecaster

Voter Migration Matrix

You must guess the probability with which a 2003 voter will vote for the same or other parties in 2007/08. The sum of each row must not exceed one. If a row totals less than one, the remainder of the voters are considered abstaining. Once you have completed your guess of the voter migration matrix, press the FORECAST button. The forecaster program will apply your voter migration matrix to the 2003 election results to find out which party will win in each riding. Leaving the matrix unchanged will display the 2003 election results.

Probability to migrate
from party in 2003 ...
... to party in 2007/08
Political parties: NDP New Democratic Party; SKP Saskatchewan Party;
LIB Liberal Party; OTR Others/Independent Candidates

Press to apply your voter migration matrix.
Press to set the voter migration matrix to the identity matrix.

For information on methodology and caveats, please see the UBC-ESM Election Forecaster Home Page

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